Why I’ll be voting for Steve Brown

Tue, 12/11/2007 - 5:20pm
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Don’t just take my word for it; Google “Steve Brown” and see for yourself some of his many accomplishments. I did.

“While Steve Brown was the mayor of PTC he was instrumental in both land planning and zoning issues.” Steve Brown was instrumental in creating the “big box” ordinance that protects the citizens of PTC from unwanted and unneeded excessive development.

“Steve Brown was one of the founding members of the Metro Atlanta Mayor’s Association (MAMA) that represents the 64 cities in the Metropolitan Atlanta Area. That group successfully lobbied the General Assembly to give cities a guaranteed share of sales tax receipts.”

Steve Brown was selected to be the chairman of MAMA by a unanimous vote of the metro Atlanta mayors. The region’s leaders chose to Steve Brown to be their leader.

That clearly demonstrates to me that Steve Brown is a team player. It shows me that Steve Brown is someone that can gain the cooperation and trust of many of his fellow community leaders.

When TDK was first discussed the idea was promoted as a traffic relief initiative that would enable the workers from other counties an alternative way to get to and from the industrial area of PTC. Many of us supported it.

Before most of us learned the truth about TDK, Steve Brown decided to disassociate himself from the project because he saw the negative implications. He drew a great deal of criticism from Peachtree City’s developer elites. Once the Coweta development plans were actually announced, most of us withdrew our support too.

Having the fortitude to re-think and re-assess a situation when one is presented with new information is a quality I like to see in an elected official.

Steve Brown demonstrated that he was not willing to be intimidated or bullied into accepting something that was not in the best interest of our community.

Some might say that Steve Brown is no Dan Lakly and they’d be right. I don’t think anyone could fill Dan’s shoes. The only reply I could offer them is that Dan’s son, David Lakly, thinks Steve Brown is the right man to continue in his father’s place and I agree with him.

Vote for Steve Brown as our representative in District 72 on Dec. 18.

Brian Dingivan

Peachtree City, Ga.

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