Local women urged to kick off the new year with weight loss challenge

Tue, 12/11/2007 - 12:45pm
By: Michael Boylan

Last year, Fit 4 A New Life, a fitness studio in Fayetteville for women, launched a weight loss challenge. The challenge started Jan.1, 2007, and lasted until April 1, 2007, and featured 150 participants looking to learn about good nutrition and fitness while shedding some pounds. Roughly 120 people finished the four-month program and lost a combined total of 360 pounds. The most one person lost in the challenge was 40 pounds.

While owner Carla Allen was excited about what people lost, it was what they gained from the experience that meant so much more.

“People gained friendships through the challenge while they found out what good exercise and proper nutrition can do,” Allen said. “The goal isn’t for the challenge to be just a New year’s resolution, but to be the start of a lifestyle change.”

The fee to enroll in the weight loss challenge is $20 and it includes classes, weigh-ins and admission to the challenger’s boot camp.

“We want people to take part in this program and see the results,” said Allen. “You aren’t locked in to anything, but we hope that when the program is done, you’ll want to continue your progress.”

Fayetteville resident Kathryn Thompson was a perfect example of what Allen hoped to achieve with the program. Thomspon lost 40 pounds through the program and is now a full-time member at the gym.

“I made the challenge a part of my daily routine,” Thompson said. “When the challenge was over, this is just where I felt I needed to be, so I kept coming back.”

Allen wants people to try the challenge out and see how much fun it can be. She also knows that the people who tend to find the most success in weight loss are the ones who develop friendships along the way.

“People tend to be more active with a group than by themselves,” Allen said.

Registration for the challenge has already begun and there will be classes offered at various times throughout the week to accomodate a variety of schedules.

Fit4ANewLife Ladies Fitness Center is located at 116 Bethea Road, Suite 110 in Fayetteville. Phone 770-719-1838 or visit www.fit4anewlife.com for more information.

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