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Now that I know your “profession”, my nickname for you is all the more appropriate, as I have seen many attorneys spew dangerous words in their line of work. By the way, how nice of you to overlook the fact that I said to look at the U.S. D.O.J. records to see that the black community has a higher percentage of criminals than the white population. A mentally ill liberal never lets the facts get in the way of their argument. I figured, and my intuition was right, that you would not (or maybe could not) utilize your neurons to decipher the government data.

As for your racist view that the news outlets go out of their way to expose black suspects and don’t want to mention white suspects, you are living in OZ. Studies have shown that the opposite may be true, but those might be some of the facts that get in the way of your argument.

I can not speak your college experience, because I was not there to observe that situation. Anyway, this is irrelevant because you are trying to use anecdotal evidence that can not be verified.

As for the poor blacks who get longer sentences: how many of these criminals have prior records, and how long are those records? You are a lawyer, so you should be able to post a link to some data (but don’t send me propaganda from some New Black Panther Party off-shoot, because that kind of “information” is as reliable as the work ethic of those thugs that broke into Autrey’s Armory). So, if you can send me something that is verifiable, feel free to do so, and I will review it with an open mind, as I always do, and then make a determination.

As for your comment about being a proud liberal and a Christian; Michael Savage stated, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” (he also titled a book by the same name). How true that statement is! How can one say that they are a Christian that cares about other people and in the next breath defend the taking of over 63 million innocent lives through abortion? That is a huge paradox. I don’t know if you’re on the aborto-nut bandwagon, but most of the liberals I know are. Also, God tells us in the Bible that it is a sin for an able bodied person to become a burden to his fellow men, and that is what has happened in a large percentage of the black population, yet you try to defend this.

The bottom line is this; you and your fellow mentally ill liberals support, thrive, and revel in anarchy. Why is this? Why do you hate the very foundation of a country that had past problems with white on black racism, but that today gives you and all people of every color the grandest chance at pursuing a great life where you can live safe and free?

Answer that honestly, my friend, and you will discover the root of the problem with yourself.

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