Palmetto annexes 250 more acres into coweta

Thu, 12/06/2007 - 3:49pm
By: Ben Nelms

Palmetto is expanding further into Coweta County. Council members Dec. 3 unanimously approved the annexation of 254.71 acres on the city’s south side. The annexation will extend the city limits to I-85.

The vote involved four contiguous tracts along Collinsworth Road and Weldon Road. Agent Tommy Arnold represented each of the property owners. Two of the properties sit on the west side of Collinsworth Road and include a 96.33-acre tract owned by the Robert W. Steed Estate and an adjacent 73.38-acre tract owned by Coweta-Fayette EMC. The EMC property extends to Weldon Road, linking to the two remaining tracts. Those properties include a 30-acre tract bordering Weldon Road and I-85 and a 55-acre tract situated immediately to the south and west. Both tracts are owned by Howard Guthrie.

Zoning on the four tracts will be comparable to zoning designations in place while the properties were in Coweta County. A desirable feature for the owners of all four properties was the potential for development to hook on to the city’s sewer system, Arnold said.

Relating to the commercial and industrial property adjacent to I-85, Arnold said Guthrie had agreed to install a deceleration lane and sewer on the industrial tract. The sewer would link with the three remaining properties and onto the city sewer system, he said. Arnold said Guthrie would pay for a traffic light to be installed at the Collinsworth Road/Weldon Road intersection. A second traffic light, located west on Weldon Road and intersecting with EMC’s rear entrance is also planned. Development of the commercial and industrial tracts was thought to be approximately two years away, Arnold said.

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