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Tue, 12/04/2007 - 4:18pm
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The upcoming special election on Dec. 18 is extremely important to Fayette County. With issues like tax reform, transportation, growth, and resource management likely to take center stage at this year’s General Assembly, it is imperative that we in the 72nd District have a strong representative.

I admire everyone who is willing to step forward and run for office – it truly is a difficult and often thankless job – and I believe that Steve Brown is the best person for the job.

Steve Brown’s passion for this community is evident, and I feel he is on the right side of the issues that are most important to Fayette County.

He also has the experience and knowledge of the issues that will be essential to being an effective legislator. The quality I admire most about Steve Brown is his openness. I don’t agree with him on 100 percent of the issues, but I know exactly where he stands. I wish more politicians followed this model.

I also believe that Steve Brown cares about the people he will represent, and he will always value and honor their voices over politics and special interests.

I wish Steve Brown the best in his campaign, and most of all, I hope everyone will make his or her voice heard by voting on Dec. 18.

David Lakly

Peachtree City, Ga.

[David Lakly is the son of the late District 72 state Rep. Dan Lakly, who died in October.]


I was sorry to read about the untimely death of Rep. Dan Lakly. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and children.

I am thankful Steve Brown has decided to run for Rep. Lakly’s seat. Steve was a tremendous help to my subdivision, St. Simons Cove, when he was mayor. Additionally, I witnessed him assisting many other subdivisions with the tough issues both during and after he was mayor.

Steve understands how government works and he is very proficient at analyzing problems and finding solutions. However, his biggest asset is his love of the community and its residents. He supports and defends the average homeowners with great passion. He is an action-oriented person. He doesn’t just talk about issues. He goes to the next step.

Steve truly listens to people and he places the common good over special interests. These traits make him a valuable resource for our county. He is open to listening to the other side and then makes decisions that are in the best interests of our community.

We would be well served in the state legislature with Steve Brown as our representative in District 72. There is certainly a lot at stake with this election. Everyone who wants Peachtree City and Fayette County to remain the charming and safe place it has always been needs to cast a vote for Steve Brown on Dec. 18.

Cindy Zeldin

Peachtree City, Ga.


In Peachtree City saying the name Steve Brown triggers strong responses from people. Those that don’t generally voice their opinions on politics have an opinion about Steve Brown.

In 2007, Peachtree City and my neighborhood were faced with the possibility of a big-box development on the southside of town. As a new homeowners association president I was faced with a hefty learning curve.

I met Steve Brown at a Peachtree City Civic Association meeting where I explained the big-box situation as I knew it. I expressed a need for support from the community to win this fight, my limited understanding of how city government operates and the relevant laws and ordinances.

This cry for help was heard by many including Steve Brown. He met with my homeowners association board to discuss the big box and other surrounding issues of concern. We had an open forum of debate and learning.

Following this face-to-face meeting he was available to me and my homeowners any time by phone and email for countless questions. Steve Brown was able to explain historical information, why decisions were made and who the decision-makers were at the time.

Because he was a former mayor for Peachtree City, he had years of personal historic understanding as well as studied information. This knowledge was invaluable and it greatly contributed to the success of our community defeating the big box from being built on the southside of Peachtree City. He was a major driving force in this success story.

I have and continue to learn a great deal from Steve Brown. He was supportive of our homeowners association in a time of crisis when we needed guidance.

He is passionate about his beliefs. He cares and gets others interested in issues that affect them. His skills include stating the facts, assembling the support in the community and lobbying for that within government. These are signs of a true leader. Isn’t that the role of a representative at the state House?

Steve Brown is running for Dan Lakly’s House seat, District 72. This district covers most of Peachtree City and extends eastward to the Fayette/Clayton county line in an area south of Ga. Highway 54, including part of Fayetteville.

Steve knows the issues of the people because he takes time to know the people of Peachtree City and to hear their concerns. Not only does he hear the people but he has a track record of assisting the community in advocating for government decisions that are for the better good of all in our town.

This special election will be held on Dec. 18. Make a difference: Vote.

Laurie Farmer

President, Wilshire Estates Homeowners Association

Peachtree City, Ga.


When Steve Brown was mayor of Peachtree City, he proved himself to be a man of integrity who put the well-being of his constituents in very high priority.

Steve Brown is now a candidate for the House of Representatives, District 72, and our community now has the opportunity of electing someone who beyond of shadow of a doubt is a tireless advocate and servant of the people, not only of Peachtree City, but of all Fayette County.

I have been following Steve Brown’s dialogues and discussions, and having seem him come through for many groups in our community while he was in office, truly feel that he would not disappoint our county as a member of Georgia’s House of Representatives.

Steve Brown is not a man afraid to speak out on issues that concern the well-being of our community.

Brown opposes House Speaker Richardson’s tax plan of promoting a “centralized government,” something that would take away the power from school districts, cities and counties.

Brown adamantly opposes any proposal that would take any Fayette County school taxes and then deposit them in a single state fund for statewide distribution.

Our Fayette County takes great pride in being one of the best school districts in the state of Georgia, and the money we pay out to have it this way would be put in a common fund.

As a parent, I find this proposal to be ridiculous, and count on Steve Brown to protect what we have.

Our community has been protesting the TDK Extension into Coweta County for a while now. As a representative of the House, Steve Brown would continue to monitor the efforts to keep this construction at bay and he would not sponsor any state legislation for the state to override our wishes.

He would support the establishment of a flexible cap on state spending, something of extreme importance now that our state government has committed to support to keep Grady Hospital open.

DOT and the transportation system in our state has had an everlasting battle with finances, and Steve Brown would like to reconfigure the whole concept so that it can be an incentive for sound development and transportation principles as well as a way to save tax dollars. At present, this system is understaffed, with transportation prices going up constantly.

The water crisis is something that is of main concern to all of us, no matter what part of Georgia we live in. Steve Brown would like to create a comprehensive statewide water plan, and give us all the peace of mind we all need at this time of severe crisis.

Politics by its very nature is controlled by special interest groups. Steve Brown has the integrity to overcome the special interests. As a resident of Peachtree City and of Fayette County, I need the peace of mind to know that the person elected to District 72 is going to work for me and my family.

Steve Brown has proven himself to be that person in whom I will deposit my trust. I encourage everyone to vote on Tuesday, Dec. 18 for Steve Brown.

The issues mentioned above will not be remedied overnight, but I know that Steve Brown will do his absolute best to give us the very best we deserve.

Marta McGlade

Peachtree City, Ga.

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