Town fires back over tax certificate dispute

Mon, 12/03/2007 - 9:09am
By: John Thompson

Tyrone officials this week countered a claim that the town is slow in processing occupational tax certificates.

Two weeks ago, Coweta County Solicitor Robert Stokely paid a visit to Tyrone to question the town’s procedures on issuing occupational tax certificates.

Stokely appeared as a private resident and said he was acting as a business associate in the Tyrone Tire business. Stokely said the business has tried to rent out a bay, but has been repeatedly turned down by the town, or run into delays.

“Why does it take a month or more to get an answer on this?” he said.

Town manager Barry Amos said he wasn’t aware of any problems, and said three tax certificates had been issued to businesses wanting to rent out the bay.

This week, the town sent a letter to Stokely outlining the procedures that occurred in the situation.

“Our records show that all these occupational tax certificates were issued within one week of receipt of the application, in fact, one was issued within 24 hours of receipt of application,” wrote town manager Barry Amos.

Stokely had said it took the town a month to turn down an application from B&G Body Shop. The company wanted to rent out the bay, and Stokely said it was hurting business to not have these issues addressed in a timely manner.

Amos furnished Stokely a copy of B&G’s application that was submitted to the town Oct.29 and issued a tax certificate Nov.5.

In his letter to Stokely, Amos told the Coweta County Solicitor that he was more than welcome to discuss the issue with the Town Council at an upcoming meeting.

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