An Enchanting film!

Thu, 11/29/2007 - 5:06pm
By: Kevin Thomas

Giselle (Amy Adams) is an animated girl who is searching for the perfect Prince Charming. Prince Edward, played by James Marsden, is looking for the perfect girl. When the two meet, it’s love at first sight, so they decide to get married. Sound like this is similar to every other fairy tale? Wrong.

Edward’s mother, Queen Narissa (played evilly by Susan Sarandon), is not at all pleased with Edward finding a bride. See, if Edward gets married, it means Narissa can kiss the royal throne goodbye. To prevent this from happening, she turns into a witch (like in Snow White) and pushes Giselle down the magic wishing well. (Surprisingly, Giselle is stupid enough to fall for the witch’s trick.)

Giselle is then transported to modern-day New York, where she is about as clueless as Goofy. Luckily, she runs into a lawyer named Robert (Patrick Dempsey), and his daughter, Morgan. At Morgan’s begging, Robert lets Giselle stay in his apartment, seeing how helpless she is.

Back in the animated world, Edward (along with his chipmunk sidekick, Pip) jumps down the well to rescue Giselle. When he pops up in New York, he tells some construction workers that he seeks a beautiful girl, and then has many comic attempts to find Giselle, including getting himself run over by bicyclists.

Edward doesn’t know that the queen has sent her right-hand man Nathaniel (Timothy Spall) in hot pursuit. He’s been given the task of killing Giselle with poison apples. Pip, now a real chipmunk, cannot speak, so he is forced to use charades to warn Edward of the Queen’s plans.

Back at the apartment, Giselle cleans up with the help of her little friends – some gross animals like rats and roaches. To complicate things even further, Robert has a girlfriend named Nancy, who thinks he is going out with Giselle.

This movie made fun of past Disney movies like Snow White and Cinderella. I thought it was going to be a big animated flick, but they only spend about 8 minutes in the animated world. I liked it because it was quite hilarious, even despite its hour and 47 minute duration. It does have its girly moments, but it’s not all about princesses, true love, and all that blah blah blah. The physical comedy was done well, and the scary scenes were too intense for preschoolers, but everyone else should be able to handle them. Rated PG for mild innuendo and scary images.

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