Sturbaum: Take opinions out of land use decisions

Tue, 11/27/2007 - 4:19pm
By: Letters to the ...

Fellow citizens, the road abandonment issue is still on the table. The [Peachtree City] Council should have voted it down [at its last meeting] when they had the first opportunity. This issue of road abandonment is of concern due to state and case law that has been quoted in papers and emails sent to the council. The legal concerns were not addressed or acknowledged at the meeting.

PTC was ruled against in the Lowe’s case. The reason for the decision was that the governing attitude of PTC has been “flexible” and could be better defined as “personal opinion.”

“Just say no” or “I will gather the facts and decide myself” does not create a legal philosophy and will not work. We have to fight legal issues in the legal realm with laws, not verbiage or opinions. We need to strengthen our ordinances, tie them into the comprehensive plan and make them law.

This action will take out the personal opinions, grandfather in old decisions and make laws that provide our legal footing. When we take this action, there will be no more “personal opinion” as the law will be established and becomes self-dictating to all parties.

On the road abandonment issue, I would vote it down because of violations of state and case law. We cannot sell a street as to enable a private individual to develop their land.

If I am elected to Post 2, I will work to make our Comprehensive Plan law through ordinances and legal avenues in order to preserve the city for its citizens.

Thank you and please vote Dec. 4.

Doug Sturbaum

Candidate, Post 2, PTC City Council

Peachtree City, Ga.

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