Heritage Bank is now offering remote deposit

Tue, 11/27/2007 - 4:07pm
By: The Citizen

Banking just got easier for small to medium-sized businesses in Atlanta’s Southern Crescent. Heritage Bank, one of the oldest locally-operated banks in the Southern Crescent, is offering Remote Deposit. The process eliminates the need to physically go to a bank to make deposits of paper checks. The deposits are transmitted electronically.

“We’ve always been committed to meeting the individual needs of our business customers, whether for better security, cash flow, efficiency, or convenience. Remote Deposit is the latest opportunity to improve our customers’ business in each of these ways,” said Leonard Moreland, CEO of Heritage Bank. “The technology is really progressing in the area of electronic banking services. We constantly strive to stay ahead of the curve relative to these types of products and services.

Because of the initial expense of establishing Remote Deposit technology, the service has until now been used primarily by large, national banks and national or international businesses. Heritage Bank is one of the first community banks in the Southern Crescent of Atlanta to make Remote Deposit available to small- and medium-sized businesses.”

“We were amazed at how quickly Remote Deposit made a difference in our business,” remarked Melissa Hall, Controller of Community Christian School. “We have gained a better efficiency by making our deposits this way. Plus, we get the added security and peace of mind in knowing that we do not have to physically go to the bank and that the funds are accessible the same day we make the deposit. It’s fantastic, and will undoubtedly transform how every business deposits checks.”

Remote Deposit enables all businesses, regardless of industry, to process and deposit checks from any location in one simple transaction. By using a small check scanner and Internet access, the checks are scanned and the images saved. With the click of a button, the deposits are securely transmitted to the bank via the Internet.

Under Check 21 regulations, the image of the scanned check serves as the actual check and the deposit is immediately credited to the business’ account as a same-day deposit, as long as the transaction takes place before 5 p.m. that business day. The ability to use electronic images accelerates the transfer of funds between banking institutions, and makes monies processed by Remote Deposit available more quickly.

Heritage Bank, a state chartered commercial bank, has been serving metro Atlanta’s Southern Crescent since 1955. The independent community bank has seven full service offices, features a well-rounded offering of commercial and consumer products, and is an active, involved member of the community it serves. For more information, please call 770-478-8881 to speak with one of our business banking professionals.

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