Fayette School Board named Board of Distinction

Tue, 11/27/2007 - 4:02pm
By: The Citizen

The Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) has named the Fayette County Public School System a 2007 School Board of Distinction. Fayette is one of 14 school boards in the state to receive the classification.

School boards must comply with GSBA standards for local boards of education in order to apply for Board of Distinction classification. To earn the classification, boards must show steps they have taken beyond the standard requirements to further distinguish themselves. This includes the integration of technology at the school board governance level to provide greater access and communication with stakeholders.

Starting in January, Fayette’s school board will begin using eBOARD, a board governance system that electronically centralizes data, as it moves toward conducting paperless board meetings and posting policies online.

The technology will allow board meeting attendees to see in real time documents being discussed by board members as well as make them available for download from the school system’s website, www.fcboe.org, following the meeting. The same system will also enable the school board to post the school system’s policy manual online for easier and greater access.

Other criteria GSBA requires for “distinction” classification includes completion of a leadership team self-assessment checklist, development and online posting of a goal-setting model and goals and online posting of monthly board meeting agendas.

The Board of Distinction classification expires very two years, requiring boards to recertify every other year. This is school board’s the first “distinction” classification.

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