Books by former government officials

The former press secretary to President G. W. Bush has managed to get a book ready to release in dibs and dabs all the way into next year. The first release says he (inadvertently) lied during press conferences about the "outed" CIA agent--whose husband wrote an unfavorable report about the incorrect intelligence used to go to war with Iraq. There was no "yellow cake, from Africa!"
Hype and forced promotions will make the author a millionaire as it has many others lately.
Even the victim, the CIA agent, wrote one and got rich.
I also remember General Powell, and several other Generals socking away millions for books.
My intent here is not to give you a list of books written by former administration officials (Bill Clinton included) who have become rich on books that have little contribution to give.
It seems that they all took notes, or had them taken, from day one in office so the book could be edited immediately and published.
Most who buy them do not read all of them---it becomes something to talk about!
They have cheapened the art of writing books immensely.

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