A pet peeve (one of many)

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I overheard a co-worker ,this morning, say to another "sorry, I lied" refering to a previous statement about which he was incorrect. This reminded me of, among many others, my second wife. She would often use the "sorry, I lied" remark whenever she was incorrect. I often pondered the use of this phrase when she was simply wrong about something. I soon realized she, like all the others, would rather be thought of as a liar than to be understood to be just plain wrong.
Why is it, we as a people would prefer the liar tag when we are just mistaken or wrong? Are we so afraid to take responsibility for an incorrect statement, that we would admit to breaking a commandment rather than admit ignorance? Ignorance is a lack of knowledge, nothing more or less.
This is an indicator of the more dubious fact that we, as a nation, simply refuse to take any personal responsibility for our actions or words.
And then we wonder why civilization is spinning counterclockwise down the toilet.
Just musing, no greater plan, nor am I trying to save the world.

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