Council should listen to vast majority of PTC and turn down sale of streets and stop Kohl’s

Tue, 11/13/2007 - 4:54pm
By: Letters to the ...

We knew the Kohl’s issue would come up again. This does not come as a surprise to me and others since the pulling of the motion last month, considering the way it was done.

What is surprising is that the City Council is still willing to review the abandonment of the roadways to feed into the development.

This is not what the citizens want. People have spoken on this issue and even The Citizen’s informal poll had a 3 to 1 “no big box” review.

The mayor’s letter in the PTC Update is interesting. Why is the issue being raised about the potential harming of smaller stores and increased traffic and still consider the big box proposal ”leveraging growth”?

If the smaller stores go away, then we lose their tax revenue. Many of you know my concern for The Avenue when this development and Fischer’s Crossing goes in.

The avenue of “control” and “protection” of the adjacent neighborhoods is an overplayed card on this issue. Big Boxes do not recover their revenue expense and we will have enough outside our borders.

The position of maintaining the streets by the taxpayers is being done now, so what is the concern of eliminating this property?

If this program was “viable,” why did it not stand in front of council back in October?

Mr. Mayor, please listen to the people. Just tell [the Kohl’s developer] “No” on the issue and let’s move to other issues that demand attention.

Mr. McMurrain does not want to put in a poorly developed center, as it would be a self-defeating business position. His best interest lies with working with the people of PTC so their revenue will be spent in this business arena.

We are seeing the stores on Ga. Highway 54 West corridor starting to close. We have lost the Little Gym and the San Francisco Bread Company. These events are a beginning sign of overdevelopment.

Let’s say Kohl’s goes in — Where are the marketing metrics that say Kohl’s can support three stores in 17 miles?

Would they close the stores in Newnan or Fayetteville first if they were to suffer an economic downturn?

Can Kohl’s tax revenues cover their expenses on the city?

Can Kohl’s present the financial demographic numbers to show that our city will generate enough sales at this store to keep it open year over year?

Folks, here it is in a nutshell: Say “no” to the road abandonment and “no” to the big boxes.

We should move to legalize other ordinances and tie them to the Comprehensive Plan to protect the city in which we live.

Enforce them, make them the standard and protect our quality of life. We have to protect this city and preserve it for future generations.

The City Council should turn down the abandonment of the roads issue that may come up on the docket for Nov. 15.

Come out on the 15th and let’s voice our opinion together.

Thank you,

Doug Sturbaum

Candidate, Post 2, PTC City Council

Peachtree City, Ga.

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