SMHS kids lucky to play for such a coach, JV or not

Tue, 11/13/2007 - 4:53pm
By: Letters to the ...

Your Free Speech section gives the people of our community a chance to sound off on events and news. Last week one of our parents decided to hide behind their computer and make it personal with an attack against Coach Earwood in his decision to not have a JV program this year.

After 25 years of teaching and coaching, I feel qualified to respond and defend my good friend, Coach Mike Earwood.

I suspect this parent (teacher in the county) has a son that did not get much playing time this year and is upset on the decision not to have the JV program.

When that decision was made we only had 20 to 22 sophomores who had signed up to play football. With the low numbers at the time, it was a good decision.

I can promise you the sophomores that played this year got far better coaching the way we did it this year than any other group to come through the Starr’s Mill program.

Yes, there will be a JV team next year. We had 36 kids play this year on our ninth grade team.

My suggestion to this parent is to get some courage and come talk in person to Coach Earwood about the decision instead of hiding behind a computer.

Coach Earwood is one of the most successful coaches in the state. His record speaks for itself. He changed football in this county many years ago.

You are fortunate to have a son that can play for this man and be a part of this program. I had two sons play for this man and they are better people because of it.

To this parent I say, do your homework. If you don’t like the way it is done around here, you have five more choices where you can go.

Unlike the parent, I’ll sign my name.

Coach Jon Gloer

Starr’s Mill High School

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