The True Thanksgiving

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True Thanksgiving By Larry C. Clarke, Sr.

2 Corinthians 9:11

(The Mayflower left Plymouth, England Sept. 6, 1620 on Nov. 9, 1620 land was sighted and land fall was made on Nov. 11, 1620)

A few years ago it was almost Thanksgiving week, and I began an attempt at the tracing of my linage back to the Mayflower. I had heard from sources that there was some of the “Clarke” clan aboard ship, so I started what would be a very brief search for my “long lost relatives.” The Clarke name is of course from English heritage, and as I searched for the Mayflowers crew and passenger list, finally it came up on the “Mayflower passenger list website,” where else would you find it, right? It wasn’t very long until I was soon filled with great expectations because the name Clarke came up twice on the roster of all aboard, one John Clarke, (Masters mate, and pilot) and also a Richard Clarke, no known relationship to John, but both names were there. There was sketchy information on John, and the other had a bit of interesting background, but alas, there was just really no hard evidence that was going to be found, at least for now.

After this very short lived adventure, I began to think upon who was really my true ancestors in the spiritual sense. From what seed have I descended in God’s eyes, who are my fore fathers and how does God place me on His list, as a child of His?

In Galatians 3:26-29, I can be confident in the fact that to God there is no longer Jew or Greek, bond or free, male or female, but all who have obeyed the gospel are now heirs, from the seed of Abraham…according to the promise! Further more in Romans 2:29 a Christian is called a Jew “inwardly” and one who has been circumcised of the heart. Then in Romans 9:23-25, we are now called vessels of mercy by God, and not only did he call the Jew but also the Greek. The Greek or Gentiles so called are now God’s people who once were not, and beloved who once were not beloved.

After a very short search for what I thought was “my ancestors,” I came up as they say, “short handed.” But I am convinced the later “spiritual ancestors” are the most vital and important, and they give me a greater purpose and meaning for this life and the one to come. Don’t you see we all can be the heirs, and true ancestors of the same promised lineage!

For these facts, I am so very thankful. Have a wonderful joyful Thanksgiving Holiday!

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