Dial: Win or Lose or Draw in the Eyes of Many

In just two short months Eric has gone from a well liked and respected man, who no one had any reason to doubt. What a shame, he slayed himself. I think Eric’s original intentions were good. But in his over-zealous attempts to further his political career, he made bad decisions. I sincerely hope that Eric will come forward and redeem himself by explaining all these questionable happenings. If Eric wins he will become, a minority of one on the Council. His every word and vote will be analyzed by the same people who have fought for years to change our government. If Eric had been fighting with us all along, he would have been a hands on favorite to support. We’re very sadden by events of the last two months. We very much admired the Eric Dial we used to know. Smola, Amos and all the rest who have made Tyrone government a mockery will be gone and Eric will be alone in the crowd.

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