Thanks Fyt35!

Thanks, Fyt35, for your kind words about the success of the Tigers. It is refreshing to hear a parent from WHS say something--anything-- positive about my child's school.
Mostly what we've heard in the years since WHS was founded is that they would die before they would let their kids be re-zoned back into the FCHS district, as they sneer down their upturned noses.

Last year, the Lakemont crowd acted like the BOE was trying to send the kids to a leper colony when they considered correcting the mistake that was made several years ago when that subdivision inside the City of Fayetteville was zoned to "the new school" so that some sweaty guy could make nice-nice with his neighbors. They did not want their students going to school with kids with a tan. Well, too bad. One of those kids with a tan is now at Yale. Meow-

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