Water Hoarding

I saw my first hoarding today at Walmart. A guy bought a full large transport cart of bottled water!
I also see in the paper where some are stealing lake water with pumps, and others are pumping from the underground aquifier to water lawns, etc.
Even if I could do those things I wouldn't amidst our crisis.
That is not to say that everyone should not have three or four days of water for an emergency. They should.
A few other things to consider soon:
Gold is $800 an ounce due to cheap dollar--better watch your watch! Water and gas will soon be same price and about as scarce! People will kill for water, but only steal for gas!
It is now economical to steal gasoline from service station storage and other places, and resell it on the black market. A reworked van with a hole in the back can pump out a thousand gallons from an underground tank in about ten minutes with a correct wrench and a good pump!
Just remember there are several thousand families in the Georgia mountains who not only have a year's worth of food hoarded, but tanks of water also---if you really need some of it! I don't know how many Mormons are here but they also store vast quantities of all needs.
I don't know if we can stand another year, plus, of our leadership, or not!

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