in response to "Does God Want me Healed? by D.Massey

"As you begin to believe the promises of God concerning healing, your faith will access the grace of God and healing will begin to work. Disease and sickness will begin to be driven from your body in Jesus name!" Are you kidding?

If you are going to discuss God and healing you must:
1)clarify the difference between healing and curing and convey that it is healing- vs curing- that is promised to all who believe
2) convey with clarity that WE CAN NOT KNOW the will of God nor His reasons for who lives and who dies nor when. We trust that there is reason and are confident in that based on the scriptures but to articulate that we alone hold the truth of God's will is limiting God which can not be done no matter how "dogged" you make it.
3) know that by saying that we believe (or need to believe more during times of trouble) so that we can be healed makes faith a commodity and God a "vending machine" God where we purchase what we feel we need to the amount and degree to which we feel we need it and that is also contrary to the Christian faith. We are to always love God and seek relationship with God regardless of our circumstances rather than "use" God to our gain.

Your "dogged" beliefs mean that you are right and have been given eternal truth which only God has. Additionally, your "dogma" will not only poorly represent Christianity for those who are earnestly seeking God, the real God, but will also hurt those who suffer by adding blame and failure to their brokenness - which you have no right to do.

God loves us with a robust unconditional character and it does not change in sickness nor in health - in "dogged" faith or searching. It also does not serve as a barometer of our graces with God that we are or are not physically well. Make room in your dogma for those who suffer so that when it is your turn, you'll find acceptance and Grace and God there.

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