Local student walks in footsteps of U.S. leaders

Tue, 10/30/2007 - 3:44pm
By: The Citizen

This fall, local middle school student Karmin Shute, a sixth grader at Fayette Middle School, will take part in an extraordinary leadership conference in Washington, D.C. Themed “Voices of Leadership: Reflecting on the Past to Create the Future,” the Junior National Young Leaders Conference introduces young people to the rich tradition of leadership throughout American history, while helping them devekop their own leadership skills. Shute was nominated for the program by Margaret Garcia of Fayetteville Intermediate School.

“The aim of the Junior National Young Leaders Conference is to inspire students to recognize their own leadership skills, measure their skills against those of current and former leaders and return home with new found confidence in their ability to exercise positive influence within their communities,” said Mike Lasday, executive director of the Congressional Youth Leadership Council, the organization that sponsors the program.

During the six-day program scholars take part in educational activities and presentations; scholars may also meet with elected officials and key congressional staff members on Capitol Hill. Students will also visit historical sites, monuments and memorials.

In addition to examining notable U.S. leaders and historic figures, students study the impact of leadership throughout critical periods of American history including the Civil War and Reconstruction, World War II, the Great Depression and the Civil Rights Movement to gain a greater understanding of the role of individuals in American democracy, as well as the responsibilities of being a leader.

For more information on this program, visit www.cylc.org.

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