PTC addresses future of Glenloch Village

Thu, 10/25/2007 - 9:12pm
By: Kevin Wandra

The Peachtree City Planning Department and Comprehensive Plan Advisory Board hosted the sixth of seven public forums Thursday at City Hall in Peachtree City to discuss updating the city’s comprehensive plan.

The sixth meeting focused primarily on Glenloch Village, the third largest of Peachtree City’s six villages.

One area in Glenloch Village that was addressed was the Peachtree Crossing Shopping Center.

“We’re all aware of what could have been done in that area," said City Planner David Rast, referring to Salvation Army’s failed attempt to move into the Kroger located in the shopping center. “What happened there could have had an awful impact.”

One local resident asked, “Has there been a lesson learned by anybody so that we don’t have that done again to us by Kroger? What are we going to do? Sit back?”

Rast replied, “I can’t answer that tonight.”

The same resident said, “You might want to reconsider your leases. I think we got lucky.”

Peachtree Crossing Shopping Center was named by Rast as one of three “character” areas — places that are in need of the most attention — in Glenloch Village; Peachtree Colony and Stevens Entry were the two others.

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