Question from voters and taxpayers

Thu, 10/25/2007 - 4:33pm
By: Ken Matthews

Tyrone taxpayers and voters have been asking Questions like what is the Purpose of the comprehensive plan? I have worked to educate these citizens by explaining the process and summarized purpose of a 20-year plan for the Town to survive and maintain status as a local government entity. Here is specific information.
Tyrone Town council passed the 2007-2027 Comprehensive Plan: Community Agenda August 16,2007. This plan went through Public hearings and other community meetings before being adopted. Well here are excerpts from the Comprehensive plan stating Purpose.

The purpose of the Community Agenda is to lay out a road map for Tyrone’s future.
Over the next 20 years, Tyrone is expecting significant population and employment growth. This level of growth presents both challenges and opportunities for all aspects of the community. This document develops a strategy for addressing that growth and ensuring it improves quality of life for Tyrone. This strategy includes regulatory and policy changes and updates, capital investment, and strategic planning. Another purpose of this report is to meet the intent of the “Standards and Procedures for Local Comprehensive Planning” as established by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) on May 1, 2005. Preparation of a Comprehensive Plan in accordance with these standards is an essential requirement in maintaining Tyrone’s status as a Qualified Local Government.

During the preparation citizens were offered a chance to review photo concepts of how Tyrone could look and on page 8 of the adopted plan are these below.
A Vision for Downtown:
· Small town feel
· A place to bring your parents and out-of-town friends
· Walking district with generous sidewalks
· Small scale shops and restaurants
· Upscale and specialty shops
· Gathering places
· A mix of uses
· Park-once environment with shared parking lots
· All parking to the rear of buildings
· A place for important civic functions such as Town Hall, the library, police and
fire stations, and the Post Office
· Historic feel
· Parks, especially an improved Shamrock Park
· Clean streets
· Mix of houses, housing for retiring Baby Boomers
· Cultural facilities such as a performing arts venue and a new library
· Like downtowns found in Senoia, Serenbe (near Palmetto), and Charleston, SC

Above information is Consistent with my statements on all campaign materials.

Why do we need more Sewer Capacity? Limited sewer capacity is needed to implement what the citizens have visioned during the workshops of the comprehensive plan. It is also stated on Page 9 of the online version of adopted Comprehensive Plan
Economic Development Issues
1. Restricted Sewer Capacity. The Town of Tyrone currently lacks any excess
sewer capacity. Unless Tyrone increases its sewer capacity, via private systems, a
new wastewater plant, or contracting with another municipality, further
development will be severely restricted.

If sewer is put in High density will accompany!
To implement proper revitalization to the Downtown area and have it look similar to areas above, or to have Senior/Aging baby boomer housing with less maintenance smaller lots would be necessary. This could be done with lots 1/3 to ½ acre each but limited Sewer is necessary. I do not want to see a congested area in Downtown Tyrone or anywhere in our town. This town has needed improvements to the Downtown core for more years than I have been alive. Longtime Tyronians sometime laugh about our lack of a Town Center. I do want to see downtown Tyrone become a Community with gathering places for our children and Grand children. High densities with apartments or condos are not what I envision.

Why doesn’t Shamrock Park get something done to it?
Shamrock Park and the Businesses around it was only a Cow pasture when I was a child in Tyrone. I think it was developed nicely to begin with and as many of you know Shamrock Park was formerly a Ballpark with tennis and basketball courts. It now looks barren and needs Help. Tyrone has had a Citizen committee for a couple of years with proposed plans being presented to the Town Council. No plan has been fully agreed upon by anyone, if it has Town council hasn’t finalized it. I will ensure a citizen approval along with public hearing proposals will occur to get any Shamrock Park Master plan adopted and implemented and funded.

Some citizens have asked about the budget, no specifics were asked!
Council did adopt the 2007-2008 budget on June 27,2007 for $6,160,805.28.

Why aren’t the Ordinances updated?
Ordinance preparation for Codification have been in review process by Town staff and Line Item 52.3401 City Code Supplements, 2007-2008 recommended for $5000.00 Description: Update code supplements services

Why isn’t anything being done about Trickum Creek cemetery?
This has been asked many times and is in the newspaper also, When this issue was first brought before town council I went to view the desecration of this cemetery, It is obvious some disturbance has occurred but how much is unknown. Whoever caused this issue needs to step up and fix the situation and place a fence around external limits. With all the discussion about this, I think we should go ahead and try to correct the problem and do what is right then force the hands of the developer to pay for the fix. This situation should not have occurred in the first place. The Tyrone area has many other abandoned cemeteries which should also be protected doesn’t’ matter if they are of historic significance. All Cemeteries should be protected!!

Tyrone is facing a challenging time in our business community and in our government. It is obvious our economy in Tyrone is slowing; Businesses in town are leaving or going out of business. The housing market has slowed and foreclosures are increasing. This next four years will be transition period and are very important. It will be an Honor to serve you the next 4 years. Please Vote for Ken Matthews Council Post 1, November 6,2007.

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