The Dinner A’Fare joins Bikers Riding for Awareness in fight against Breast Cancer

Wed, 10/24/2007 - 9:24am
By: The Citizen

The Dinner A’Fare joins Bikers Riding for Awareness

Sheri Waynick and Cathy Gailey recently co-founded Bikers Riding for Awareness (BRA), an educational organization for breast cancer survivors to educate young women about the importance of early breast cancer detection. The survivors are using their love of motorcycling to reach high school girls with a unique, attention-grabbing method to convey their important message. BRA are roaring into high schools in Fayetteville, Peachtree City and Douglasville this month and hope to expand their program to educate young women across the entire state.

The Dinner A’Fare Peachtree City owners Dan and Jana Tillman, close friends of Gailey, have signed up to join BRA during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

During the month of October, The Dinner A’Fare will donate $5 from each meal package their customers purchase. “This is our home and community,” said Dan Tillman. “We want to give back and be involved. With our business growing each month we thought this was a great way to help BRA get started.”

Harley Davidson-rider Gailey explained the motivation for the organization: “This used to be a disease our grandmothers had. It then became a disease our mothers had. It hit close to home when it became a disease I had. Now we are hoping to prevent it from becoming a disease our children have. We learned recently about a 16-year-old in Seattle that died of breast cancer. Sheri and I want to do everything in our power to prevent that from happening again.”

“This organization is just so typically Cathy,” joked Jana Tillman. “Her own battle with breast cancer just amplified her love for life. She took up riding motorcycles afterward and now using that hobby to reach young girls with this life-saving message is awesome. And the BRA acronym for Bikers Riding for Awareness is just too funny!”

“With our business catering to women, especially moms, of all ages we thought being involved in National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was a natural thing for us to do,” continued Tillman. “To team up with a local organization putting a new spin on this battle is a plus. We think in just a couple of years high school girls all over the state will benefit from this program.”

The Dinner A’Fare Peachtree City is located at 2705 Ga. Highway 54, Suite 4. For more info visit The Dinner A’Fare’s website

Further information about BRA can be found at

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