Tyrone Forum - Re: Budget

The candidates were not asked any questions about the budget, which has many discrepancies. I would like to thank Don Rehwaldt for spending many unpaid hours to review the budget. Don listed 22 questionable items amounting to many thousands of dollars that are not clearly accounted for, improperly designated or vaguely stated. Thanks for providing the evaluation to some of us citizens who are in the dark. The budget outline makes it difficult to separate income from expenses and places income under the heading of adopted budget. Since when do you adopt your income? I can't find any summary of profit or loss. I understand that Barry Amos said that he made up the budget. Would not it be more accountable to have a CPA certify income and expenses? I sure hope Rehwaldt is elected Mayor, because the Town Charter states that it is the Mayor's duty to review and present the budget. I would not be comfortable with Michael Smola as Mayor, since as Coucilman he has always left everything to Barry.

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