Local podcaster connects with Hollywood

Thu, 10/18/2007 - 2:48pm
By: The Citizen

Georgia is a little closer to Hollywood thanks to local podcaster Daniel J. Sellers, president and founder of Imaginate Productions Studios in Senoia, Ga.

Imaginate is one of the leading podcast-producing studios on the nation's East Coast. For those unfamiliar with the term, podcasting is basically radio on the internet. Sellers' Imaginate podcast is dedicated to the different expressions of art and interviewing various artists. On of the latest episodes, known as "chapters" in Imaginate's podcasts, is about the art of movie-making.

Sellers has the exclusive interview with Brian Salisbury, a marketing coordinator for the film "Bella," which is coming to theaters Oct. 26. "Bella" is an independent movie from the producer of "The Passion of the Christ." In addition to being backed by Focus on the Family, it has already won the Toronto Film Festival's People's Choice Award. This film stars Eduardo Verastegui (Chasing Papi) and Emmy Award winning actress Tammy Blanchard (The Good Shepherd).

Salisbury talks with Sellers about the excitement and challenges of making an independent film. He discusses finding financial backing in Hollywood, movies with religious overtones, and the inspiring message of "Bella." He also gives advice to those interested in film-making.

This interview can be heard at imaginatepro.com/bella.mp3 or on iTunes. From the iTunes store, type in Imaginate Productions in the search field and then select chapter 22.

To learn more about "Bella," visit bellathemovie.com. To ask questions or make comments for Daniel J. Sellers, visit imaginatepro.com or call 302-476-2616. Suggestions for future chapters about art and artists can also be made in these ways.

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