Tyrone candidates have their say

Tue, 10/16/2007 - 12:41pm
By: Ben Nelms

It was a far cry from a polarized group of seven candidates squaring off and battling through the issues. Instead, responses Monday night by candidates for mayor and two council seats in Tyrone were often in sync with each other.

That eventuality held true for the testy topics of growth and development, sewer and, the most controversial campaign issue of all, town manager Barry Amos.

The auditorium of Legacy Theater was nearly filled with interested citizens, listening as candidates responded to a long list of questions submitted in advance and to others posed by residents during the forum.

Topping the list of questions were those, whether directly or indirectly, relating to Amos, his job performance and service on behalf of citizens. Yet within their remarks, candidates took a largely circumspect posture, insisting that the job performace of any or all town employees should be assessed fairly.

Other longstanding issues came through clearly Tuesday night. Those involved the hot-button topics of future growth and development and, directly tied to it, the question of sewer. And again, while candidate responses were sometimes divergent, their answers often took the perspective that citizens must be involved in decision-making and that elected officials should ensure their inclusion.

The specifics of a sampling of the questions posed to candidates and their responses will be included in the next edition of the Tyrone Citizen.

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