Running families mean fit and healthy kids

Thu, 10/11/2007 - 12:05pm
By: The Citizen

How do you have a wonderful time with the entire family, get some great exercise, and contribute to a number of charities all at the same time? One local family has discovered how by running together in the Peachtree City Classic road race. Everyone knows the benefits of exercise but few actually set the example better than the Anders family here in Peachtree City.

When the starting gun goes off at the Classic race on Saturday, October 20, Dr. David Anders will run with his brood of five children, Rebekah, Lloyd, Luke, Rachel, and Lincoln. Mom, Kenya, will serve as race control and support. David said he and Kenya (both local physicians) had long admired the Peachtree City paths even before they moved to Peachtree City in 1996.

“Beginning with our three oldest children (Rebekah, Lloyd, and Luke), who were 3 years, 1 year and 3 months, we’d go for walks on the cart paths, soon discovering that with stroller, back pack, and the inducement of a trip to the Kroger, Subway, or Baskin Robbins, we could enjoy the three-mile round-trip walk from our home in Kedron to the Kedron shopping area. These walks allowed for great time for our family to leave most of the distractions of our life at home and enjoy time to walk, talk and discover all the things you can only see on foot. The walks with my family conditioned our kids to be physically active, and they all remain so.”

The Peachtree City Classic is the one large fund-raiser of the year for the PTC Running Club and the money raised from the event helps to fund kid’s running clubs, scholarships and a host of other child-related activities all aimed at fighting childhood obesity.

“Fayette County and Peachtree City, in particular, have an extremely health conscious and active base of people” said Race Director George Martin. “This race is just one small part of this very recreationally oriented community but it is one of the few events that give families the ability to actually compete together. There are dozens of husband-wife, father-son, mother-daughter, father-daughter and mother-son combinations that run, but the Anders families were unique because of their numbers."

There is still time to register for the 27th Annual Peachtree City Classic but after October 16, you must do so in person at the Frederick Brown Amphitheater, between5 and 9 p.m., Friday night, October 19th.

The Classic is actually three separate races, a Women’s 5K, a Men’s 5K and the centerpiece, the Open 15K.

Both runners and walkers are welcome to participate in this great family event.

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