Ken Matthews Candidate Council post1 comment to Don Rehwaldt

Tue, 10/09/2007 - 11:55pm
By: Ken Matthews

Tyrone citizens need to be concerned about infrastructure and safety. The old Town definitely has been on peoples mind for very many years. Yes eminent domain is a government’s privilege and should only be used as last resort for government purposes with appropriate compensation to land owner. I do not support eminent domain to bring sewer into the downtown area.
Sewer would be needed in the downtown business district, if we the citizens or the government plan to try a revitalization process. I agree with Don that we do have many shops and business within a 15-minute drive. I have also heard current business owner’s state they are not sure what Tyrone could attract. Residents have mentioned things like a single screen theater showing family movies or a Bowling center. Though in the old town area a movie venue could anchor a small group of shops and Cafés. A Bowling center should maybe be located in a light industrial or commercial area.
Parks and green space is something all citizens would enjoy and a master plan is needed, we already have shamrock park which currently doesn't have a master plan and the revitalization committee has been working on this park's plan for close to 2 years or better. You can read my Essay that will be published Oct 17 in the attachment to this blog.

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