Candidate King: Current councilmen not listening to residents on Kohl’s

Tue, 10/09/2007 - 3:57pm
By: Letters to the ...

It’s hard to believe that nearly two years have passed since electing Mr. Logsdon and Mr. Boone to represent those who put them in their respective offices.

It was my belief then that they would not only serve our community with distinction, but would listen to fellow citizens.

Regarding the Kohl’s issue, they not only are not listening but are alienating themselves from the general population of Peachtree City.

Let’s face it — nearly 75 out of 100 residents are against the Kohl’s proposal, and they steadfastly support it.

Councilman Kourajian and Councilwoman Plunkett have stated their opposition and should be lauded for doing so.

The tie-breaker now falls to Mr. Harman should a decision be made prior to the new year. Afterwards, the newly elected council will be hard-pressed to pass such a proposal.

I stand firmly against the Kohl’s development for the following reasons: The city would either have to sell, swap, or cede property to the developer for it to be a large enough tract; the tax revenues from this type proposal have not historically met expectations; and with a third Kohl’s within a 25-mile area simply means that we in Peachtree City stand a one-third chance of having an empty “big box” blight on our hands.

Giving in to any developer that wishes to circumvent city ordinances for the sake of progress or growth only will open the floodgates for others to follow.

All we need to do to understand this is to take a look at the Lowe’s lawsuit taking place for space along Ga. Highway 74 and TDK Boulevard.

The council members should be unanimous in opposition to this project and each candidate seeking a seat in the upcoming election would surely fail if they were in support of Kohl’s.

I have lived in our fair town for over 20 years now and the rate of growth, traffic congestion, and general displeasure due to waning quality of life clearly point out that a new course is required.

We must go back to the original planning for Peachtree City that called for smaller retail outlets that can be easily reached by golf carts instead of traversing a multitude of traffic lights.

We came to Peachtree City because it was a “planned” community with ordinances in place to maintain a quality of life that frankly has spoiled most of us. As citizens, we should hold our elected officials accountable and insure that our voices are heard.

Mr. Mayor, Mr. Boone, Mr. Harman, the residents of Peachtree City are trying to tell you something; you need to listen.

Michael L. “Mike” King

Candidate for City Council Post 2

Peachtree City, Ga.

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