Candidate Sturbaum: Yes to senior center expansion, no to high taxes

Tue, 10/09/2007 - 3:56pm
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Many issues continue to come to the forefront in PTC that need to be addressed. The underlying issue is that what occurs in the first week of November will tell us residents where we are going to end up at over the next 10-20 years.

I want to thank the people who have been discussing the issues with me and the lively bantering back and forth on past,present and future issues.

Whether we agree or disagree, I respect all positions. I continue to give my commitment to listening to the people and providing the service that they demand from their candidates.

Some of the recent comments about “if you have moved here in the last 10 years, I am not interested in having you run my hometown” and the continued rhetoric about “not knowing enough history,” “vested interest,” etc., need to be examined.

I moved here by choice for what the city has to offer. I have three kids who will grow up here and live here. I own a home and pay taxes. As a citizen of PTC, I can tell you this point: I have skin in the game for what happens to PTC in the future.

You cannot change the past, but you can change the future. Look at your candidate’s merit on issues, not time frame or longevity in the area.

As the forums begin over the next few weeks, the candidates should look forward to the challenges posted by the citizens, and I am prepared to entertain all questions about the issues ahead.

I have spoken on the “Voice of the Customer” concept and believe in that concept. Elected officials work for you and should be your voice when voting on issues, not propagating their own position.

The issue of unplanned development and continual unregulated growth is a major issue facing our city. I am not in support of this type of “build and expand” mentality. This mentality creates hardships on infrastructure, gray zones and leads to blight.

We need to push developers to provide the best possible solutions to any situation before they come before Planning and Zoning, much less the City Council.

We need to make them do revenue support studies, aesthetic surveys, environmental impact studies, traffic analysis, etc.

If the developers cannot create a positive return on the above studies, then the plan is rejected automatically.

Let the developers know that they will not be allowed to move on in and “set up shop.” We need to review, renew and enforce our codes, review business restrictions, formulate in local infrastructure support and plan in greater detail.

By doing these actions, we will protect our city long-term and generate the tax revenue to support the city. Overall, developers need our citizens long-term support more than we need their short-term business plans.

One of the issues that is of concern is the senior community center bond issue before the city. We should do all in our power to support our senior citizens as they are important members of our community.

Just being voted No. 8 amongst the best places to retire means that PTC has a lifestyle that is favorable not just to our older generation but to every person overall.

For every senior, having a nice, secure and comfortable place to live is paramount as some seniors do not have family to support them during their time of need. The bond for the senior center is important for the city and its citizens.

My agenda is simple: Return the government to the people and listen to what they say. I am for small responsible government that examines all issues and works with the citizens to support the city.

We do not need rampant growth, sewer extensions past our city limits, mass transit, high taxes and people that will not work for your needs.

What we need is fiscal responsibility, responsible planning, protection of our green spaces, crime prevention and a strategic agenda to support the PTC vision that was created many years ago.

As I stated above, I have skin in the game and know I want PTC to remain the place I moved to, not become the Gwinnett County I moved from.

I ask each citizen to go to the forums and meet the candidates. Put us to task and see if we are worthy of your vote. With my civic-minded agenda and customer-centric mentality, I would hope to earn your vote in the coming weeks ahead.

Doug Sturbaum

Candidate for Post 2, Peachtree City Council

Peachtree City, Ga.

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