Candidate Haddix: Here’s where I and my opponents differ on issues

Tue, 10/09/2007 - 3:55pm
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Two new issues in discussion, first being reclassifying certain PTC jobs to “at will.” At this point in time, all I can comment on are general principles.

I do not believe in a government of “always agree with me or you are fired.” It isn’t healthy and shows an attitude by those in power that demonstrates they should not be in power.

I want staff and department leadership around that will feel their opinions and suggestions are part of their jobs.

I believe in the right of recourse if one feels they are fired unjustly.

Checks and balances are sound governmental principles.

The second new/old issue is the complete watering ban. Those who know me know I have been asking for several years now where is the water coming from for all the new development when we have had so many years where water has been a serious problem?

Yet another serious consideration for the moratorium I would like to see put in place to allow us time to get all these issues in perspective and control.

If you have forgotten, or were not aware, Oct. 9 is the Rotary Forum at the Wyndham Conference Center at 7 p.m.

For Council Post 1 there are three candidates.

The incumbent is Mike Harman, who was appointed by the Council in August to fill the Post 1 vacancy.

In the appointment process, he complimented the council’s actions over the last two years and expressed a desire to work with them to continue developing PTC.

Prior, he was appointed the chairman of WASA, during which time he supported allowing Coweta connection to our sewage system, which was legally denied by the PTC Council under Mayor Brown.

He [Harman] attempted to defy the council and proceed with the connection. It took the threat of legal action by PTC against WASA to stop him. He further supports selling capacity to other non-PTC entities, if the opportunity were to arise.

Just prior to resigning from WASA he supported selling capacity to Tyrone. He voted to proceed with a recommendation to the PTC Council to grant the connection.

Now, on Council, for the first time in PTC history, there is the threat there is enough council support to grant the connection.

On the issue of Kohl’s, he supports granting the sale of the land to Kohl’s.

I oppose allowing the selling of any capacity outside of PTC. I oppose selling the land to the developer and approving the building of Kohl’s.

[As of Oct. 1] Mike Harman has written no letters to the editor or made an attempt to share his views with PTC.

My other opponent is Tom O’Toole.

On the sewer connection with Tyrone, he says he opposes the connection unless there is an environmental issue involved, then he supports the connection. For other connections he opposes in general, but wishes to keep the option open. Again, I believe, based on environmental concerns.

A problem with this stand is that a developer will see it as simple requiring they build until Tom O’Toole has an environmental concern. Then they will get the connection.

A second problem I see is that we have no idea what he defines as an environmental threat.

For PTC development, he says he wishes to uphold the master plan. He says this will be done by insisting on high standards in development and redevelopment and is against big boxes and is pro diverse shopping. Details subject to future study.

Problem here is development and redevelopment does not address the issues of existing retail vacancies and the high number of homes for sale. Nor do we have idea how he defend the the master plan.

The most definitive issue I see is on PTC being green. I too support this as regards the buffer zones, green spaces and landscaping requirements.

But, as part of this agenda he also wishes to reduce fossil fuel consumption and the PTC carbon footprint. By mass transit? How far into the Green Agenda does this extend?

He also wishes to reduce pesticide use. How?

Please visit my website and you will find links to my letters plus clear statements on my agenda, qualifications and more.

Some of the most critical elements of my agenda follow.

No sewer connections outside of PTC are to be allowed. That promotes development and higher density development.

We need to build upon the standards of the master plan. By that I mean creating and refining ordinances that mandate the council, authorities and commissions to require economic, traffic and other impact studies be performed with negative impact results requiring development rejection, unless exceptional, well-defined reason for exclusion exists.

This is to set legal standards that developers cannot dispute, legally, and forces elected and appointed officials to risk legal actions in failing to enforce these laws.

We don’t need officials arbitrarily creating precedents that give developers legal grounds for court actions against PTC.

It also provides a legal way to deny big boxes, since their economic and traffic impact studies are negative.

We also need sunshine laws. Announcing the approval of housing, industry and commercial development as done deeds is something I find unacceptable. If nothing else, it is an ethical violation of the rights of PTC citizens.

These points provide a contrast between my opponents and myself.

We cannot stay the course of the last two years and retain the PTC vision. Due to the stated goal of the present council to finish PTC by developing all remaining vacant spaces, who gets elected will heavily impact what course PTC takes for the next two years.

Don Haddix

Candidate for Post 1, Peachtree City Council

Peachtree City, Ga.

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