Council postpones decision on senior apartments

Tue, 10/09/2007 - 3:37pm
By: John Munford

A proposal for a 360-unit senior living facility off Rockaway Road in Peachtree City was tabled Thursday night by the City Council.

The plan requires a rezoning to move forward and the applicant, Dominion Partners, is seeking a limited use commercial zoning instead of the current general industrial rezoning. The facility would be located along Rockaway Road and behind a previously approved shopping center just off Ga. Highway 74 South across from the Wilshire Pavilion shopping center.

Among the concerns expressed by several council members were the size of the main building and the placement of six condo buildings on a six-acre site adjacent to the Meade recreational field complex. There were also concerns expressed about the size of the four-story main building which contains assisted living, memory care and other regular apartments of both one and two bedrooms.

Councilman Mike Harman said he’d like to see the six-acre portion south of Rockaway Road have better screening from the road. Councilman Stuart Kourajian said he’d rather see the property left vacant, and John Gorecki of Dominion Partners noted that part of the parcel is worth $1 million.

“My job isn’t to make the developer money,” Kourajian said, who also didn’t like the proposed gates for the community that would close at night.

Councilwoman Cyndi Plunkett noted that she was concerned the plan didn’t show any benefit for the rest of Peachtree City. She also said she wanted to see financial figures as to whether or not the development would be revenue-positive or revenue-negative for the city.

Gorecki said the on-site medical staff would resolve any life-threatening emergencies before a city ambulance got on the scene.

The $50 million project would be built on a 25-acre parcel, leaving a remaining 78 acres of wetlands untouched. The project is aimed at the top 10 percent of the market and Dominion Partners will stipulate that none of the units could be rented under the federal section 8 program.

The entire area will be deed-restricted to people 55 and up, but the average age of the company’s current communities is around 75, Gorecki said.

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