Instead of writing a letter, talk to the football coach

Tue, 10/02/2007 - 3:36pm
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I've been to more than one McIntosh football game. I've been to every game for both JV and varsity. I've also been to one ninth grade game this year and all of them last year. In addition, I stop by once or twice a week to watch part of practice. More importantly I have met the coaches and talked to them. It's not that I love football.

My kid is on the team and he is too important to me to pass judgement based on limited information gathered from watching in the stands. There was recently an irresponsible letter published in the paper criticizing the coaching staff based on limited observation at one game. I've also heard a few parents, but not many, second-guessing a few coaching decisions. I can't say I'm above that. I don't understand all of their decisions. I don't try to.

I have my job. The coaches have their job. It is not my job to try and figure out how to win football games with the McIntosh football team. Nor is it my job to decide who plays and when. My job is to make sure my kid is enjoying himself, learning from a group of good men whom I respect, and that they are teaching him good life lessons. If I am of the opinion that any of that stops happening, I won't write an irresponsible letter in the paper. I'll go find Coach Jones and talk to him. That happened once. I found him to be easily accessible and very enthusiastic. He dealt with my issue in his way, not my way.

As for team spirit, there is a lot going on that you won't see from the stands. I like it. I've gotten involved enough to see it. I'm not going to tell you all about it in this letter, but those kids and those coaches care a lot about each other. If you care enough to find out then do some homework. If you don't, then keep coming to the games. Enjoy them. Support the kids. Don't write a critical letter to the paper. The coaches are professional enough to ignore it, and the kids don't need to deal with it.

Tom Fraker

Peachtree City

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