Residents need to start fighting back against all the developers

Tue, 10/02/2007 - 3:26pm
By: Letters to the ...

I couldn’t believe how pitifully spineless John Lyden’s letter was on the Kohl’s store being forced down our throats. We have a bunch of cowards on their hands and knees begging us to let a tyrant developer terrorize and intimidate us into giving him city property and throwing years of outstanding planning out the window! Mr. Lynden said Peachtree City’s big box ordinance wouldn’t hold up to a court challenge. How in the heck would he know? You would think if the ordinance couldn’t muster a court challenge, the tyrant developer wouldn’t have to resort to terrorizing and frightening everyone and the Lowe’s wouldn’t have to try to sneak in on industrial land to get around the law. He lies on saying, “I believe this developer began the process in the right way.” Mr. Lynden, you are completely nuts! The tyrant developer began “the process” by threatening us with destructive junk development if we failed to fall on our knees and bow down to him. I’m sick and tired of a bunch of terrified whiners asking us to ditch laws designed to protect us and to start worshiping a bullying developer so they won’t be scared. A huge number of us moved to Peachtree City when there were no big box stores and things were a lot better then. So Mr. Lynden go move to Newnan and enjoy the wonderful quality of life the Kohl’s and other big box stores provide on Bullsboro Parkway. Leave our city alone and let us keep the kind of planning we have always enjoyed! It's time to fight back!

Barb Kelley

Peachtree City

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