City to look at short term projects

Thu, 09/27/2007 - 3:06pm
By: John Thompson

Senoia officials will take another look at some of the projects the city plans to complete during the next few years.

In a workshop that starts at 6 p.m. at City Hall, City Administrator Richard ferry plans to present the City Council with an updates list of the various projects the city is considering.

“Many of the issues came out of the town hall meeting about the city’s parks, but we’ll be looking at all the issues,” Ferry said.

One of the major projects city officials want settled is a new city hall and police station.

During a work session during the spring at the city’s park, the City Council got an overview on how the city could proceed to alleviate the situation.

Sergeant Michael Resmondo said the police department currently has files sitting on the floor and there is no real security in the building.

“There’s no heat or air in the evidence room,” he said.

One of the options would be to refurbish the building, but Resmondo said it would not accommodate the city’s future needs. Another option he outlined would be to use the existing City Hall and add another story on the facility to give the department nearly 8,000 sq.ft.

The existing City Hall is housed in the old Farmers and Merchants Bank building.

The police department could also build a new building, but land costs could be prohibitive. The final option would be housing the department and City Hall in a historic building just off Main Street.

City Administrator Richard Ferry said City hall is facing a tight squeeze.

“We have no storage and if you’ve ever been here for court, you know how crowded it gets,” Ferry said.

The city could build a new structure in the parking lot adjacent to City Hall and use portable units until it’s completed. But Ferry added, the police department is in a far tighter crunch now.

The city is currently conducting a study to determine if the First Baptist Church sanctuary, located just off Main Street, could be retrofitted to house the police department and city hall.

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