Tyrone mulls over Sunday liquor sales

Mon, 09/24/2007 - 8:40am
By: Ben Nelms

A request for Sunday alcohol sales in Tyrone may just end up on the ballot sometime in the future.

The town council Sept. 20 considered a letter from a resident and from Sundried Tomato general manager Brad Hitt, both of whom requested that Sunday liquor sales considered. Hitt noted the struggle to compete with restaurants in neighboring cities and the need to maintain strict enforcement guidelines if approved.

“I believe to stay competitive as a restaurant owner and operator today, we need every opportunity to build sales and keep a competitive edge. It is our responsibility to provide a great product, a great atmosphere and great service, as well as the choices that keep people coming back. Sunday liquor sales are one of those choices and mitigating factors in our business,” Hitt said.

Most on the council appeared to agree, with only Gloria Furr speaking in opposition. The council’s primary concern rested with when a required public referendum would be possible for inclusion on the ballot. Town manager Barry Amos and attorney Brad Sears told the council that the November ballot had already been prepared and that such a question put to voters would have to be decided for a future date.

Council members generally spoke in favor of the ballot initiative, but were clear that such a vote should not be one that would require a special election at a cost to taxpayers.

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