Fayetteville completes annexation of unincorporated island

Tue, 09/11/2007 - 3:45pm
By: Ben Nelms

It was a small tract of land on White Road and Ga. Highway 314, 2.5 acres in all, that was annexed into Fayetteville Aug. 6. The only hitch for the owner of the unincorporated island was that he wanted to establish a convenience store and gas station on the site.

The city council followed the recommendation of Planning and Zoning Director Eldridge Gunn, zoning the tract C-2 (Community Commercial). The city’s future land use map designates the area as Neighborhood Mixed Use, which includes C-2 zoning.

As in past meetings, representatives of property owner W. H. Calloway preferred that the site be developed for use as a convenience store and gas station. C-2 zoning provides for retail businesses and service stores with a maximum gross floor area of 25,000 square feet, but excludes convenience stores and gas stations.

Neighbors in past meetings had objected to the proposed use, saying the area would be more appropriate for other businesses that generate less traffic flow. Planning staff agreed, noting the city’s endeavors to maintain less intensive commercial and office development on the west side of Hwy. 314 and more intensive on the east side of the highway.

Gunn said the White Road property was the last of the unincorporated islands in Fayetteville.

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