Wieland wants New Urbanism for PTC? What he really wants is more money

Tue, 09/11/2007 - 3:18pm
By: Letters to the ...

That is what the headline should have read last week in place of “Wieland wants New Urbanism for PTC”: He does not want new urbanism for Peachtree City; he wants it for himself because it means more money in his pocket.

I hope everyone read the article the way I did.

Just how much more is PTC supposed to “graciously” accept from Mr. Wieland before we start demanding something in return? We need lots of things but urban living is not one of them. I do not think the word “urban” is in our current version of the comprehensive plan.

Mr. Wieland, if you really want to do something for PTC as a whole, I have a list of things that I believe the city really needs:

A new high school within the city limits (i.e. within the West Village).

A performing arts center.

Donation to city of green/recreational space.

Move the CSX rail spur on Ga. Highway 74 North so a school or additional sports fields could be built safely within the West Village or on the 89 acres.

Let’s think back, what exactly did our community as a whole gain from your West Village plan?

I know that Centennial got a road, but what did the town of PTC get?

We can expect more traffic, more demands on our water supply, school system, and infrastructure, with no means to alleviate these additional burdens. This is just wrong.

I have been to so many meetings of the city council and planning commission this past year. One thing I have learned is that developers are getting what they want much more often than we are getting what PTC needs.

I have heard them stand there professing to know what is right for our town. They may even get neighboring communities to agree with them. However, the only way to stop developer dictatorship over our community is to go to the meetings. Speak out for or against what you want. If enough bodies fill a room, council has no choice but to listen to them.

In this instance, I know that Wieland has built many a home in PTC, but will you let him speak for us? Does he have what is best for PTC at heart?

I say no; what is best for PTC is a distant second to what is best for Wieland’s pocketbook.

If you, citizens, do not start going to these meetings and participating in your city’s future, Wieland’s pocketbook will once again win (i.e., West Village), and PTC will lose.

Beth Pullias

Peachtree City, Ga.

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