Help preserve public’s Jekyll Island

Tue, 09/11/2007 - 3:15pm
By: Letters to the ...

Please view the website and vote to save the island for the “common folks” of Georgia.

Also, please note that state Senator Jeff Chapman is the only state representative that has taken a proactive stance in preserving the island and also has requested the Jekyll Island Development Authority re-send the request for a $10 million rent break for the nation’s largest developer, Trammell Crowe.

We urgently need your help to sign the “Let’s Keep Jekyll Island Affordable” petition. Please, please sign the petition

We need to impress the members of the Georgia General Assembly by presenting them solid evidence of the public’s feeling about the island’s affordability and hopefully they can put pressure on the Jekyll Island Authority Board to change the course it has selected to develop “common folks island.”

Grace Caldwell

Tyrone, Ga.

[Caldwell is a member of the Tyrone Town Council.]

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