Popes: Marxism and "all-consuming desire for profit" are both wrong.

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In the encyclical Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, Pope John Paul II stated:

“The Church's social doctrine adopts a critical attitude towards both liberal capitalism and Marxist collectivism.”

John Paul II's opposition to Marxism is well known. Less well known are his criticisms of unbridled capitalism in Sollicitudo and a number of other writings, of the “all-consuming desire for profit and the thirst for power at any price with the intention of imposing one's will upon others, which are opposed to the will of God and the good of neighbor.”

I admire George Mason University economics prof Walter E. Williams, but he should realize the Papal teachings on economics and taxation are far more nuanced than what the London Times portrays in the recent article about Pope Benedict XVI's upcoming second encyclical.

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