Saving grace

Tue, 08/28/2007 - 5:08pm
By: The Citizen

His life spared, he now helps others

Saving graces

Four years ago in a murky April dawn, Vince Bonura fell under the screeching wheels of a CSX railway car, an accident that severed both his legs. But miraculously, his life was spared and now he and his wife Pauline lead All Saints Anglican Church of Peachtree City in reaching out to care for the needy.

“The good Lord obviously has things for me to do,” said Bonura. “Outreach is one of those things I can do to help others through the work of the church. That has been a blessing to me and my wife.”

When Bonura’s accident happened, he was on a normal duty day aboard a tanker car at Atlanta’s Tilford Rail Yard, assisting the engineer by radio. Abruptly the train stopped, causing Bonura to lose his balance and fall. Lying on the tracks, stunned and breathless, his legs were crushed when the train suddenly began backing up.

Bonura credits a “guardian angel” for saving his life, a co-worker who pulled him from under the train. He says his faith in Jesus Christ made his acceptance of the accident, and his recovery, easier.

“While in the hospital, I was given a sense of peace and calm and the knowledge that as long as I have faith the good Lord would help me,” Bonura said.

Saving graces2

“At first he was angry at God for doing this to him,” said wife Pauline, “But, as he thought about it he thanked God for letting him live, that there must be a plan for him to continue his life. We feel we have been given a gift of his life and try to do as much as we can to let others know that life will go on and we are grateful for His love.”

Depending on the season, Vince and Pauline develop and manage All Saints plans for various projects to help the needy. For this school year, they spearheaded a collection of school supplies that was passed to the Department of Family and Children’s Services for distribution.

The Bonuras also arrange for contributions to the Fayette Samaritans food bank. Future plans call for the church to supply needy families with food and clothing during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.

Remarkably serene in the face of his personal tragedy, Bonura said, “We understand that we all have troubles and bad times in our lives. But our faith has blessed us with a wonderful, caring church family and that has helped take us to a new level of understanding that no matter how ‘bad’ the situation, the Lord will see us through. All you have to do is pray.”

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