Beware transfer station, warns resident

Mon, 08/27/2007 - 9:12am
By: Letters to the ...

Dear Editor:

Should I apologize to the residents of Fairburn for trying to stick up for the quality of life we all want to achieve? In doing so I have made many enemies and made mistakes, but I do not regret in trying to do the right thing for our community. Looking back at what I have done, I now question why? The old saying, “ you reap what you sow” resonates in my head.

Yes, I supported closing the railroad crossing at Bohannon Road due to safety reasons and took a tongue lashing from a Fairburn City councilman because I didn’t go through the right channels. Was I wrong? Maybe, but no one was injured and no wrecks occurred.

Yes, I negotiated with CSX Intermodal to help my neighbors sell their homes. They just wanted out. We didn’t. We hoped our government, whomever they were, would look after us. I was wrong.

Yes, I supported the annexation of the C&D landfill into Fairburn. It was highly contested but I knew the city would benefit financially. After all a C&D landfill with proper surveillance would be a good thing. I was wrong.

Yes, I supported trying to form a new city and have the right to vote for independence from Fulton County. And in the process we had every right stripped away from us. I was wrong.

Yes, I served on the board of directors on the South Fulton Parkway Alliance for over five years. In doing so I felt that protecting the parkway and attracting good quality growth was a good thing .I don’t believe I was wrong.

Yes, I created the CID (Community Improvement District) out of concern of the tractor-trailer trucks impacting the city of Fairburn, the community and tearing up our roads. I don’t believe I was wrong.

Yes, I am serving on the Fulton County Zoning Board. We take the communities concerns at heart. I believe I am right because that is the right thing to do.

Yes I believe in the right to speak out, in any forum to fight for our rights, to go before a city council and see the disdain in their eyes, knowing very well they have made up their minds. They hear the truth but don’t want to accept a voice from some one that they claim isn’t a resident of their city, someone who marches to a different tune, someone who is greatly sorry for supporting some of the things I mentioned above, and proud of the things I achieved.

But, when all is said and done we face challenges today from the city of Fairburn, if the city council allows a garbage transfer station to enter our neighborhood, because of bad decisions made years ago to zone everything industrial for industrial sake and in their haste not looking to the future. The City Council will reap what they have sown if they allow the transfer station in. Fairburn needs to apologize.

Yes, and in this I know I am right.

Sandra B. Hardy

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