Kiwanis members lean about alternative fuels

Mon, 08/20/2007 - 8:51am
By: Ben Nelms

Kiwanis members learn about alternative fuels

It is a completely different way of thinking about the fuel that powers the vehicles we all drive. But running a fuel such as used cooking oil through an engine equipped to handle it causes a dramatic decrease in pollution and provides an alternative for a world addicted to oil.

That was the message Aug. 9 as members of Union City-based Biofuels Racing Alliance (BFRA) made their case to members of Old Campbell County Kiwanis Club. Lunch upstairs at the Green Manor Restaurant was transformed into an alternative fuels seminar as alliance representatives spoke on a variety of topics designed to broaden understanding of the ways communities can reduce dependence on foreign oil while enjoying better health and protecting the environment. While seemingly far-flung topics, members of the racing alliance see these and other approaches as part of a synergistic outlook, one in which alliance President John Christmas delivered the consistent message, “One Body, One Planet.”

BFRA is a competitive racing organization that promotes the power and performance capabilities of vehicles powered by alternative fuels and energy sources such as biodiesel, ethanol, electricity and other renewable sources. BFRA sports a method to convert vehicles to alternative fuels and to process a consumer's own fuel from plants and waste vegetable oils for as little as $.70 per gallon.

BFRA works with farmers and farming organizations, independent record and production companies, motorcycle clubs, car and truck clubs, colleges and universities and anyone interested in not paying $2 or more for gasoline. For more information visit

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