Tax office wants to help vets with exemptions

Tue, 08/14/2007 - 3:51pm
By: Letters to the ...

There was recently an item in your Free Speech column from a supposed American veteran with qualifying 100-percent service-connected disabilities who believed he was not afforded all of the tax benefits he should get in Fayette County. That was in the Aug. 8, 2007 issue of The Citizen.

We in the office of the Fayette County Tax Commissioner go out of our way to accommodate everyone who is eligible for any kind of exemption from state or local taxes.

We annually disseminate and advertise in the local papers information about exemptions and how persons can qualify for them.

There are laws governing all of the exemptions, qualifications for the exemptions and procedures for administration of the exemptions, and these laws are fairly inflexible.

I want to encourage everyone in Fayette County to contact our office at any time to inquire about available exemptions and how to qualify. I specifically would like the person who made the comments in the Free Speech area on Aug. 8, 2007 to contact or come to my office to review their qualifications and applications so I can personally determine that they are getting the maximum exemption.

George Wingo

Tax Commissioner

Fayette County, Ga.

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