I am amazed that this idiot outlines the benefits that a 65 year old gets and castigates Dan Lakly because his age gets him something for nothing. Trust me, no one gets something for nothing. Like all of us senior citizens, we all get the tax breaks that Dan Lakly gets at age 65. What have you done that makes you more special? Dan has continually fought against his party to get taxes reduced for everyone including the ad valorum but the blessed Governor of this state does not want to do that. He would rather give tax breaks to the wealthier senior citizens.

You are right that medicare is a joke since you have to pay for the extras anyway. The GA legislature is not considering scrapping all these tax breaks in favor of more sales tax although that would mean everyone would pay except for the few. The Governor of GA is the one pushing this crap. The legislature rebuffed tax breaks for senior citizens making over $70,000 a year so don't tell me about what the legislature is not doing for you.

You really have a problem looking for evil in someone that is trying to do their best for all of the citizens in this state, and not just for idiots like you. Get over and get a life. After 65 you don't have much left.

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