Devil's Advocate

So, we can build a bridge over 74 for Wynnmeade, but not for another neighborhood that also has a dangerous crossing but more money. There are tunnels built under main roads throughout the city. However, these are main roads. Peachtree City needs to consider this carefully because if they build a bridge for ANY reason, then OTHER neighborhoods will want the same and believe me, we can find a way to justify it. As for the working poor people who have to drive the Parkway, GO ANOTHER WAY!! There's more than one way out of Peachtree City. Perhaps we could close the Parkway (North) to nonresidential traffic, lower the speed limit, use speed bumps or..... build a bridge or tunnel between the two neighborhoods. It IS a very dangerous place to cross with a golf cart. There is a park close buy, perhaps the existance of a park will warrent something. Good Luck!!

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