VA offers outstanding service for veterans

Tue, 08/07/2007 - 4:06pm
By: Letters to the ...

I take exception to some of the comments made recently in [Free Speech]. The rant started with, “Please allow me to share with you what I know about government-run hospitals based on three Vietnam-related surgeries over a period of three months in two foreign hospitals.”

First of all, U.S. servicemen were not treated in foreign hospitals. The hospitals may have been located in foreign countries but they were run by the U.S. military.

Second and more to the point, while on patrol in the delta of Vietnam, I received multiple gunshot wounds. Within minutes, I, along with several other wounded soldiers were on a med-evac helicopter headed to the battalion aid station. We were stabilized and the worst of us were flown on to the nearest field hospital. Soldiers that were worse off than me were immediately taken into surgery.

After the more seriously injured soldiers were taken care of, I was taken into surgery, after which I was immediately med-evaced to Japan. I spent three months in Japan with follow-up surgeries, rehabilitation, and ultimately, reassignment back to Vietnam.

The doctors, nurses, and corpsmen worked tirelessly, around the clock in many cases. Their dedication and expert care has allowed me to lead a normal life. I will forever be indebted to those highly motivated, dedicated, selfless doctors, nurses and hospital corpsman. I have nothing but praise for those fine men and women. The care I received the second time I was med-evaced back to the states was no less outstanding.

Roger H. Anderson

Fayetteville, Ga.

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