‘The Simpsons Movie’: Donut lover goes to the big screen

Thu, 08/02/2007 - 12:51pm
By: Kevin Thomas

The Simpsons, donut-loving Homer, stay-at-home mother Marge, annoying brother Bart, environment-caring Lisa, and baby Maggie are finally on the big screen! You know the Simpsons are funny beyond all reason, but this movie was hilarious.

While the Simpsons are in church, an old man says that terror will come to Springfield. Lisa is concerned that the lake is polluted and she is right. People put their cat shavings in there along with all their garbage. When Lisa is going door to door asking people to join her in preventing the lake from getting any dirtier, she meets a new kid from Ireland. He cares about the lake as much as she does so Lisa becomes happy and stops annoying people.

Later, a law is passed making dumping things in the lake illegal. Homer dumps pig droppings in the lake anyway, causing the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to take action by placing a giant dome over Springfield.

Meanwhile, Bart believes that Homer is not a good father. He starts going to the neighbor, Ned Flanders, for relaxation and starts to form a father-son relationship with him. However, since Homer caused Springfield grief, they come after the family, forcing them all to flee to Alaska.

In Alaska, Marge confronts Homer, blaming him for making them have to move. Despite that, Marge stays with Homer because she loves him (awwww!). When Marge asks Homer to go back to Springfield, he says no, and the next morning he finds that his family is gone. He also finds a tape that makes him realize he’s got to go find his family and save Springfield.

Will Homer get to Springfield in time? Will Bart go with Flanders? Will Marge take Homer back?

See this great movie and find out! Rated PG-13 for disrespectful humor throughout. I would also rate it PG-13 for some sexual references, although there wasn’t a lot of bad language.


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