Peachtree City Cap squadron leadership all in the family

Wed, 07/25/2007 - 9:43am
By: The Citizen

Peachtree City Cap squadron leadership all in the family Greg Clasen, Drew Clasen, Chris Murray, Vince Murray. Photo/Special.

Every now and then, the stars align just right and something special happens. Recently, the stars aligned in just that sort of way for two fathers and sons in the Peachtree City-Falcon Field Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol.

After serving the Civil Air Patrol in other leadership posts, Lt. Col. Vince Murray returned last August to serve as the squadron’s Deputy Commander for Cadets. Just weeks ago, Lt. Col. Greg Clasen assumed command of the entire squadron, becoming Murray’s immediate boss. When the existing Cadet Commander decided to step down at the end of May, the squadron’s two highest ranking cadets, Cadet Drew Clasen and Cadet Christopher Murray were the only ones to apply for the position.

A board of three officers met to review each cadet’s personnel records and accomplishments in the program and interview each cadet for the position. Review Board Chairman Lt. Col. Brent Bracewell noted that, “[The decision] was extremely close. Ultimately, it came down to time-in-grade since everything else was so close.” Using that criteria as a tie-breaker, the board selected Drew Clasen to be the next Cadet Commander and Christopher Murray to be Cadet Deputy Commander. Thus, the cadets were placed in the same respective cadet leadership positions as those held by their fathers in the squadron. This is not only a wonderful opportunity for both fathers and sons, but is also extremely rare even in the all-volunteer Civil Air Patrol.

Civil Air Patrol is the official Auxiliary of the United States Air Force, and its primary missions are: emergency services, aerospace education, and cadet programs. The cadet program is open to youth ages 12-21 and consists of leadership, physical fitness, aerospace education, moral foundations, and special activities.

The Peachtree City-Falcon Field Composite Squadron is one of the Georgia Wing’s premier CAP squadrons, having won the Squadron of Merit Award for the most outstanding squadron with a cadet program for 4 of the last 5 years. More information about the squadron and how to join can be found at

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