Council, don’t give way on TDK

Tue, 07/17/2007 - 4:15pm
By: Letters to the ...

I, like many PTC citizens, was dismayed to see the results of the trial this past Friday where Judge John J. Goger ruled against our town and in favor of GRTA’s mandate of a four-lane bridge for TDK.

Basically, Judge Goger said either build the four-lane bridge and welcome the influx of unmanaged growth or risk no further funding from GRTA in the future.

Well, let’s see, what do we have in the balance here?

On the one side of the scale there is PTC, our town and its unique, pleasant, quality of life.

On the other side there is GRTA’s money for future roads.

If I had to choose, I say the scale tips way in the favor of my town and the preservation of its greatness for as long as possible.

I don’t respond well to threats, and I hope PTC’s City Council will not either.

Council knew when they decided to put TDK to rest last month that this could happen.

I was in council chambers and listened to the discussion. They stuck a fork in TDK anyway (unanimously) because building it now does nothing but harm our town.

Judge Goger’s ruling changes nothing. It just brings to fruition what we already knew: GRTA could withhold money for future road projects.

Sorry, but there is very little money to be had anyway. Our major project (Ga. Highway 74 widening) is already underway.

Too many promises have been made to the businesses on Hwy. 74 by the state that have nothing to do with PTC’s politics for them to just quit now.

Any other project that could require GRTA funds can sit on the backburner until we find a way to pay for it without GRTA.

We know what is best for PTC. What does GRTA know?

As you can tell I am pretty upset by this decision. Sure, things could have been handled differently and maybe, as former Mayor Brown suggested, all of this could have been avoided.

Well, it wasn’t handled differently. Coweta County is going to build McIntosh Village regardless of what our council does in response to the outcome of this trial. GRTA is going to continue to manage the transportation issues of the region. Judges are going to continue to rule in favor of facilitating “progress,” even if it means squashing the little guy.

I say to council: Stick to your guns. You are our only line of defense. Judge Goger and GRTA do not make decisions based on what is best for PTC. That is your job.

Council has the power to appeal this decision, and/or accept the ruling, and start looking for other ways to fund potential road projects should the need arise.

Don’t let us down. Be strong and fight for our town. You have the power, and the responsibility to do what is right — not what is right for GRTA, not what is right politically, but what is right for Peachtree City. We are counting on you.

Beth Pullias

Peachtree City, Ga.

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